Equipment specifications

Information for guidance only and may vary according to the manufacturer.  For detailed specifications, please contact your Regional Contact or e-mail for tank containers and for other equipment types.

Dry Box Containers




Container Type Standard 20´
20´x 8´0" x 8´6"
Standard 40´
40´ x 8´0" x 8´6"
40´ High Cube
40´ x 8´0" x 9´6"
Maximum gross weight 30,480kg 30,480kg 30,480kg
Tare weight  2,230kg  3,690kg  3,880kg
Payload  28,250kg  26,790kg  26,600kg
Internal length  5,898mm  12,032mm  12,032mm
Internal width  2,352mm  2,352mm  2,352mm
Internal height  2,393mm  2,393mm  2,698mm
Door opening width  2,340mm  2,340mm  2,340mm
Door opening height  2,280mm  2,280mm  2,585mm

Tank Containers




Tank Container 20´Universal Beam Tank
20´x 8´0" x 8´6". T11
20´Burg Collar Tank
20´x 8´0" x 8´6". T11
Other 20' Tanks
Capacity 24,000 / 25,000 litres  24,000 / 25,000 litres Details on request
Maximum Gross Weight  36,000 kg  36,000 kg  
Tare Weight  3,335 / 3410 kg  3,400 / 3,550 kg  
MAWP  4 bar  4 bar  
Test Pressure  6 bar  6 bar  
Products  General Purpose Liquids  General Purpose Liquids  
Approvals  All major  All major  
Manufacturer  CIMC  Welfit Oddy